DESIGN / UX — February 2017

AdsDirect Product Design


AdsDirect is Nigeria's first automated online advertising platform that enables publishers, media agencies, individuals and businesses owners to access the data they need for media planning, buying and monitoring across multiple advertising channels across Nigeria.


There is a growing consumer base of practically every goods and service in Nigeria. Internet and broadband penetration grows daily, new companies are being registered and set up daily across the continent.

According to Statista data, $23.1 billion was spent on advertising in the Middle East and Africa in 2016. However, there is little transparency or insight into how this industry works leading to challenges like exorbitant pricing of advertisement placement, and difficulty in finding ideal advertisement slots on desired platforms and channels.


Build a solution that automates key processes in the advertising and marketing industry.

A mobile app that can aggregate and display in real-time, transparent pricing data, provide precise tracking data and allow efficient payment for marketing/advertising services.

Roles and Responsibilities

Product Design, Visual Design and Brand Strategy, User Experience Design.

Users and Audience

The AdsDirect platform was designed for the following categories of users;

  • News publishers
  • Media agencies
  • Small and medium-sized businesses owners
  • Individuals

Scope and Constraints

The platform needed to allow users to log on to the platform, choose the desired ad slot on any platform in Nigeria and have their ads displayed within a short time frame. 

Users feature set includes:

  • Create an account
  • Browse through a variety of ad slots sorted by categories
  • Add multiple ad slots to a cart
  • Adjust content on a cart and complete payment
  • Track activities on all ad slots that have been paid for


Process flow used for AdsDirect


I started by researching similar products but I could not find any other web or mobile app that offered the same or similar feature sets in Nigeria or Africa. So the UX was completely mine to define off of the concept note and requirements that had been shared with me by the product team.

User Research

User research was carried out by the product development team before the project was handed to me and inferences were made from the data provided in designing the process for of the platform.


Screens from the final design

Here are some screens from the final product.


Discover page (with Categories & Keyword search)

Search Results

Search Results Empty State

Campaign Offer Details

Active Cart

Campaign Location Tracking and Order Details

Favourited Campaigns

User Profile with Activity Tracking

I created a high-fidelity prototype of the original UX using Figma.


Designing an app that provided on-demand marketing solutions helped me learn how to serve and engage users by translating their primary needs into key features, thus creating a win-win situation for all.